Our exclusive CONCIERGE service

Ideally designed for those people who 'deserve the best service'. You can let us do all the work.

Here is how it works...

  1. Gather up all your old medical, dental, vision receipts.
  2. Put all of the receipts in an envelope.
  3. Attach a note with your Plan Number and name so we pay the right person.
  4. Send the envelope in to Cedric, our Concierge.
  5. When we get the envelope, we will:
    • Enter a claim based upon all the receipts you have sent us.
    • Debit the Company bank account for the total amount of the claim (plus applicable fees).
    • Deposit the paid claim into your personal bank account.
  6. When you get your payment, you say 'Thank you Cedric'.

p.s. there is a small additional cost associated with this service. In addition to the normal administration fees that are applicable for the plan, there is a charge of 50 cents per item to a maximum of $50.00 per claim.

For a self-employed plan, this is added to the total plan charge. For an employee in a corporate plan, the fees are deducted from the amount of the claim reimbursement.