What is the cost benefit of a HSA?

Self-employed person resident in Alberta.

Incorporated business with net revenue of $350,000.

Draws an annual income of $100,000 from the business.

Total medical, dental and vision expenses for the family in 2013 are $2,000.

Without a HSA

Total medical expenses$2,000.00
less, personal income tax deduction-25.58
Net personal income required1,974.42
Salary draw required3,242.07
less, corporate income tax-583.57
Net cost to company$2,658.50

With a myFLEXplan plan

Total medical expenses$2,000.00
Administration fee200.00
Total cost to company2,210.00
less, corporate income tax-355.97
Net cost to company$1,854.03

......... WOW! It costs 43% MORE without a Health Spending Account..........