What is a Health Spending Account (HSA)?

Canada Revenue Agency has approved a method which is a simple way to provide medical, dental and vision benefits to employees in a tax-efficient manner. The Company establishs a Private Health Services Plan (the benefit design portion) and the claims are administered by a Health and Welfare Trust. Sound complicated? It is not. We take care of EVERYTHING for you.

Who should have an Health Spending Account?

Are you self-employed either as a proprietor or corporation?

Do you have a small-business with several employees? Even if you already have a benefits plan, an HSA can help you save money.

Our 'Concierge' service makes it so simple!

We found that no matter how hard we try, we cannot change human nature. There are some people out there that manage to put off submitting a claim, often until it is too late. Or more often the case, they just do not like to fill out forms.

The easiest claim form to fill out is no form at all.

We make it easy for you, simply put all your medical, dental and vision care receipts into an envelope, send them to Cedric, our Concierge, and he will do the rest!

Now, can it be any simpler than that?


Why is myFLEXplan the best?

TOLCO Financial $trategies has been an industry leader in Internet access for employees, administrators and advisors since 2007. Add this to the flexible design alternatives and additional features and it is easy to see why myFLEXplan is your best choice.

What is the cost benefit of an HSA?

If you are self-employed and do not have a current benefit plan, here is an example of just how much you can save with an HSA.

What type of expenses can I claim?

Here is a comprehensive list of the many types of medical expenses you are permitted to claim on your HSA.

Even if you have coverage on another group plan, you can claim for any unpaid items or the unpaid portion of any partially paid item. Simply attach your Explanation of Benefits to an ePHSP claim form and submit it.

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Save $$$

Do you have an insured benefit plan already?

If you use TOLCO Financial $trategies as your advisor, we will not only save you money on your group plan, we can reduce your myFLEXplan administration fees.


Insurance agents, accountants, lawyers and financial planning advisors...

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