Allowable Expenses

Let your imagination run wild when you design your Wellness Plan benefits. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Club Memberships You can restrict this to things like Health Clubs or Golf Clubs. Or perhaps you want to make it wide open to other activities, such as Rotary, Variety Club, etc.
  • Educational Courses These do not have to be business related. What if an employee wants to take a pottery class?
  • Health Equipment A healthy employee is a better employee. Why not promote the use of health equipment a home?
  • Transportation Pay 100% of a monthly bus pass to encourage employees to use public transit.
  • Parking Okay, they need there car to come to work, can you help them out by paying 50% of the monthly cost?
  • Home Computer Purchase Studies show a person is more likely to do work at home in their spare time and spend less time on personal websites at work if they have computer equipment at home.
  • Charitable Donations Encourage philanthropy. Perhaps the Company can match any money donated to a registered charity via a Wellness Plan.
  • Financial Planning Encourage solid financial planning by paying for Fee-For-Service finacial planning by a professional.