Revenue and Expense Accounting

As an insurance agency you receive revenue from a wide variety of sources for the various products you sell. myFLEXplan is designed to record this revenue for payment and reporting.

myFLEXplan is not a general ledger accounting system. What myFLEXplan does offer is:

  • Revenue Recognition: Record a income by Carrier, contract, Client, product type. This revenue is automatically allocated to up to 3 Advisors
  • Chargebacks: Any carrier chargebacks are recorded in the same manner as revenue. The amount is automatically charged back to the Advisors that were paid the revenue.
  • Reporting: You can display online a wide range of data. This data may be restricted to specific time periods and it may be sorted by every field. The data can be grouped by:
    • Advisor
    • Carrier
    • Contract
    • Client
    • Line of Business: Group, Pension, Individual FYC, Override, Bonus, etc.

Here are some sample screenshots (place mouse over image to expand):

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4Screenshot 5