You are both and Administrator and an Employee

myFLEXplan was designed from the ground up as a system for small business. So, we have Company reocrds and we have Employee records. However, you are both. It would be a pain in the ... to sign on as an administrator, look at some information then sign on as the Employee to get certain personal details. Therefore, myFLEXplan has combined the functions you need into a single UserID.

Administration Features

As the Company Administrator you have the ability to manage all the functions needed for a Company, such as depositing funds into the Trust Account in order to pay a claim. As well you can access several reports.

However, as a Company Administrator you are not allowed the view the details of a claim by an Employee. Therefore, with this handy feature, you can act as BOTH Administrator and Employee with a single login ID.

Employee Features

As an Employee you have the ability to enter new claims online, review any past claims and print Explanation of Benefits for past claims.