Complete HR System

From small companies to large, you need to keep certain employee data. If you do not have an elaborate payroll system with all the integrated HR functionality you probably keep track of the various pieces of information on one or more spreadsheets. Or perhaps your vacation schedule is a calendar posted in the lunchroom. myFLEXplan takes the employee data we need to maintain our plans and has added a wide range of functionality.

myFLEXplan Plans

myFLEXplan includes a set of plans that help you design EXACTLY the benefit plan you need for your employees. myFLEXplan types inlcude Health Spending Account, Wellness plans and Wageloss Replacement plans to name just a few. While our myCAFEplan offers a unique opportunity for small business to offer a truly flexible cafeteria style benefit plan.

Group Benefits Policies

We can give you access to everything you will ever need to help you effectively manage your Group Health and Dental plans and your Group Savings Plans. We can even help you manage a Health Spending Account even if it is not operated by us.

Employee Access

We have incorporated Employee access into every feature of our system. This helps to reduce to requests made on Company Administrators to answer questions and input data.

Other myFLEXplan Features

myFLEXplan is packed with features to help you manage all the HR functions you require for your employees. Check it out.